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Ba-deed-nuh adverb Indeed
Bad-Feels noun To feel generally unwell and faint.
Back-Back verb To reverse a vehicle. (Present Continuous = Backing-Back)
Back Chat noun Any insolent response from a child to an adult
Back Stab verb Talk about one's friends negatively without their knowledge
Backstabber noun Someone who backstabs
Bad-behaved adjective Naughty, wicked (usually of children)
Bad John noun Hot headed, bad-tempered, violent or stupid person
Bad Talk verb To say negative things about someone without their knowledge
Bajan noun Someone of Barbadian Nationality
Bajan Bullet noun A big rock used as a weapon
Baje noun Shortened form of “Bajan”
Bare adjective A lot of. A concentration of.
Barrifle noun A lot
Bark verb To lash with an object, To hit a dog with an object, especially a stone.
Bashment! exclamation Cool!
Bashment noun Something that is cool, dancehall music
  adjective Cool
Bashment ride noun A popular minibus (particularly among the youth)
Bashy adjective Cool
Bassa-bassa noun A Commotion or fight
Becausen conjunction Because
Bee noun (political) A supporter of the Barbados Labour Party
Bedecked adjective Dressed in one's finest
Belly noun Diarrhea (eg: He got de belly = He has diarrhea) 
Bellyologist noun A greedy person (food).
Belly Warmer noun A large panty, covering the majority of the belly
Ben adjective A facial expression of anger.
    (eg: she face ben = her face shows that she is angry)
Bim noun A common nickname for Barbados
Bimshire noun A nickname for Barbados (pronounced "bim-shur")
Big-Up noun A person of influence or wealth
  verb To praise, recognize or acknowledge someone
Bill noun Sword
Bingabang noun A large panty
Biscuit noun Knee cap
Biscuit-Tin noun An old bus
Bite verb To itch (eg: My head biting me = my head is itching)
Bittle noun Food, a little bit of food
Black-Lead noun Pencil
Blam verb To slam
Blank verb Totally ignore a person
Blenzers noun Money 
Blinds noun curtains
Blind verb To overwhelm or lash.
    (eg: I would blind you = I would lash you)
    (eg: She blind he in cuss = she cursed him severely)
Bloomers noun Big panties.
Blurk adjective Very black or dark
Blurkus adjective Extremely black or dark
Boar Cat noun A male cat
Body pronoun Person
Boek! exclamation Cool!
Bollengeer noun Eggplant
Boo adjective [1] (person) to be no good, to be all talk and no show
    [2] (object) to be worthless
    note: This word is usually preceded by the word "bare".
Bore verb To attack, to push, to push pass others, to insert yourself higher into a queue than you should be.
Boss noun An influential person; Any person being greeted
Bounce verb To go. To leave. To embark on a journey.
Boung adjective To be constipated
Bout preposition About, around
Bowmanston noun Drinking water (pronounced bo-mis-ton)
Boxy noun A buttocks.
Bozie expression A typical sentence ending used to emphasize a negative position. (e.g. Not me bozie)
Braggadung expression The sound made when someone and/or something falls
Braids noun Synthetic hair.
Brass Tacks expression The meat or heart of the matter
    (eg: Let we get down to down tacks = let's get straight to the business at hand)
Bration noun An outing to flirt. A date.
Brax! exclamation Presumably the sound of an explosion or great impact.
Breed verb To impregnate. (course)
  adjective To be pregnant. (Course)
Broughtupsy noun Good manners and proper upbringing.
BTM noun Someone's bottom
Bubbies noun Breasts. (Course)
Bubble verb Drive.
Bull verb To engage in sodomy. (Course)
Bull-Cow noun A male cow.
Buller noun A homosexual. (Course)
Bullerman noun A homosexual. (Course)
Bum noun A bomb
Bum-down verb To knock excessively on a door
Bumper noun A sexual term for "buttocks".
Bun-down verb Burn down
Burst verb To flog or beat
    (eg: I gine burst you backside = I'm going to flog you)
Bus verb To burst
Buse verb To curse or verbally abuse someone
Bus-man noun A bus driver 
Butt-Up Pon verb To meet by chance.
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