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Caan / Cahn contraction Can't
Cah verb To carry
Caffuffle verb Bewilder, Confuse
Cantipee noun A centipede. (Pronounced : “San-ti-pee”)
Carry On verb To quarrel in a rather raucous or low class way
Catspraddle verb To fall hard and flat.
Caw conjunction Because
Cella-phone noun A mobile phone
Centipee noun A centipede. (Pronounced : “Sen-ti-pee”)
Cha! exclamation Astonishment
Chat Up verb To flatter someone
Cheese-on-bread! exclamation Astonishment
Cheezon! exclamation A variation of Cheese-don-bread!
Clorox noun Any bleach product.
Cock-a-roach noun A cockroach.
Cock Up verb [1] To die (usually of natural causes), [2] to sit badly
  adjective Dead
Collins noun Sword
Concubine noun A woman who has affairs with married men.
Coolie Man noun An Indian door-to-door salesman.
Cornfuse verb To confuse.
Commanickie noun A little boy
Cow Bird noun An Egret
Coz preposition Because.
Cozing preposition Because.
Crack Bottle noun A sickly person. Someone always in medication.
Craddle verb To rock a bus or van from side to side for pleasure.
Crapaud noun A toad. (pronounced "kra-po")
Crawl verb To Quarrel
  noun A Quarrel
Crew noun Buddies, close friends
Crick adverb Quick
Crystal punch noun Drinking water
Cuff verb To punch (someone)
Cuhdear expression Sympathy
Cumma expression Come here
Cuss verb To quarrel in a rather raucous or low class way, usually with expletives.
  noun Quarrelsome language, expletives
Cut verb To flog
    (eg: I gine cut you backside = I'm going to flog you)
Cut-Tail noun A good flogging.
Cutter noun A sandwich made with authentic Bajan salt bread (variation : cutta)
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