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Fag-Out adjective Very tired
Fail adjective "Not cutting it", shortcoming or disappointing.
Fall away verb Noticeably lose weight in a short timeframe.
Fall down adjective Fall
Fall-Out verb To have a disagreement with somebody. To cease a friendship.
  noun A disagreement. The end of a friendship.
Fambily noun A family
    A single family member
Features verb To resembles someone. (eg: Omar features his mother = Omar looks like his mother / Omar resembles his mother)
Fella noun A guy (a variation of fellow)
Fingersmith noun A thief.
Flam verb To flirt with someone.
  noun A female one is flirting with
Flad verb Flood
Flad-out adjective To be flooded with water
Flim noun [1] Film, [2] A movie
Flimsy adjective Substandard, easily destroyed
Flit noun Any insecticide product.
Flod verb Flood
Flod-out adjective To be flooded with water
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Fly verb Travel very quickly; Move without hesitation
Fly Up verb [1] To get or jump up suddenly
    [2] To advance toward someone in a threatening manner.
Follow-pattern noun One who does something just because someone else is doing it
Fresh  noun A bath. (eg: He taking a fresh = he's taking a bath)
Fronthouse noun The living room in one's home
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