Bajan Words by goweb  


Labtop noun A laptop computer
Leppa noun Leprosy
Lickrish adjective Gluttonous
  verb To openly display gluttonous behaviour 
Lick Down verb To hit a person with a vehicle
Licks noun Lashes (of chastisement)
Lick Up verb To injure someone seriously
Like a pop-kite adverb Travelling very quickly
    eg: The bus driver went up the road like a pop-kite = the bus driver when up the road very quickly.
Lime Skin noun A type of beret
Lock-off verb Turn off (particularly a pipe or tap), to secure
Log verb To lash with an object
Loss-Way verb To throw someone into jail for a very long time
Lower-Down verb Decrease volume (device)
Lower-Up verb Increase volume (device)
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