Bajan Words by goweb  


Maanger noun A mango
Maangra noun A mango
Maanguh noun A mango
Macky! exclamation Cool!
  adjective Cool
Maclie noun Mucus from the eyes
Mahogany Bird noun A large cockroach.
Mattie noun Close or best friend
Mellapee noun A millipede.
Mamma-jamma noun An extremely overweight woman.
Massacree verb To completely ravage something or someone (pronounced mas-e-cree)
Mash-Up verb To destroy, to ruin, to nullify, to blow away the competition in a contest
  adjective Broken, void, not completely functional
Malicious adjective Extremely Inquisitive
  verb The act of inquiring or gaining knowledge about someone else's business.
Maxi-Taxi noun A ZR Van.
Middlecut noun Mackerel
Militant! exclamation Cool!
Militant adjective Cool
Milkshake verb Using the accelerator and the brakes of a bus or van to produce a “bouncing” motion for pleasure.
Mob-o-ton noun A great quantity
Mock-Sport noun Ridicule or jesting
Mout noun Mouth
Moutta noun Someone who talks a lot
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