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Pailin noun A galvanize fence, usually surrounding a back-yard.
Pampers noun Any brand of disposable diapers
Park verb To dis-continue a friendship
Parro noun A homeless person who is on drugs
Part adverb A substitution for "where" in a question or statement.
    (eg: "Part it is?" = "Where is it?") ("You know part de book is?" = "Do you know where the book is?")
Pass noun A space to get through.
Pelt verb Throw
Pelt Waist verb To wuk-up (dance with the hips)
Peggers noun Teeth
Pensioners noun Plain white sneakers, usually very cheap.
Pension Pumps noun Plain white sneakers, usually very cheap.
Picong noun In calypso music : Composing lyrics on the spot during a live performance, usually to attack another performer or to address issues that have recently occured.
Piece noun A turn. A chance. A space on a chair or bench.
Piece-a-idiot noun Hot headed, bad-tempered, violent, stupid
Pim noun One's bottom
Poe noun A bowl kept in a bedroom for use as a toilet.
Pompaset verb To show-off one’s self or possessions.
Pon  preposition On
Pooch noun A buttocks
Pooch-Back verb To bend causing one's buttocks to protrude.
Poop verb Emit wind from the anus.
  noun Wind emitted from the anus. 
Poppit noun An idiot
Poorakey adjective Of low class. Too skinny. Look anorexic. (Pronounced : “por-ey-kee”)
Poor great adjective Someone on the lower end of the social scale who pretends to be of a higher class.
Potta noun Trouble. Deep trouble.
Potstarva noun Someone lower than lower class. A common breed dog.
Potwa noun The Patois language (correctly pronounced 'Pat-wa')
Poxy   adjective Covered with black spots and scars
Poxy-Foot adjective Having feet full of black spots and scars
Prickle-up adjective Having a twisted hairstyle and / or being on drugs (men)
PRT noun Private parts
Pumps noun Sneakers
Pup noun Faeces
  verb To excrete faeces.
Pushing Boxcart adjective To be pregnant and noticeably showing
Putton noun Pudding or cake
Pyah noun A promiscuous young woman (pronounced pie-ah)
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