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Safe adjective Cool
Sain verb Saying
Salad noun A popular school game played by trying to kick a ball through someone's feet.
Salmon-tot Retriever noun A common breed dog that goes into people's garbage.
Sammich noun Sandwich
Scramble verb To hurry
Screem noun Screen (television, monitor or other)
Scotch verb Make a little space available. Utilize a little space made available.
  noun A little space made available.
Screw adjective Vexed, angry
Scrunt verb To struggle financially
Set-Up adjective

(one's face) Visibly upset

Set-Up verb To show discontentment on one's face
Set-Up Like Rain adjective (one's face) To be visibly extremely upset
Shakes noun The process of ‘craddling’ or ‘milkshaking’ a bus or van.
She-she noun A homosexual
Sick! exclamation Cool!
Sick adjective Cool
Sick-Out adjective Cool
Sickly adjective Cool
Site  expression I see (a position or a point). I understand.
Size-round verb To make room for someone in a tight or small space by shifting one's position
Skin verb To laugh
Skin-Teet noun A wide smile or laugh
Skin Teet verb To smile widely or laugh
Skin-Up verb [1] (one's face) get ready to cry
    [2] To fall down
Slingshot noun A handheld catapult
Sociate verb To associate
Soozer noun A baby soother
Soul-Case noun One's body
Sow-pig noun A female pig.
Spar-bird noun A sparrow
Sparky noun A sparrow
S.P.I.A. noun (Show Pig In Action) someone who is a show-off.
Splat-muh adjective To be all talk and no show
Squeezy noun Any dish washing liquid product
Stinking-Missy noun A marigold
Study verb To think about something
Stupse verb To suck one's teeth
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  noun The sound made by the sucking of one's teeth.
Sukka-bubby noun A snack made of frozen liquid in a bag with a hole for sucking the liquid out.
Sugar noun Diabetes
Sweet-eye noun A flirtatious look
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