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Tail noun A buttocks
Talk verb To court (relationship)
Tambrin noun A tamarind
Tambring noun A tamarind
Tea noun Any hot beverage
Tearhead noun A person with a bad temper and capable of violence.
  adjective Bad tempered and capable of violence.
Teet noun Tooth or teeth (this word is both singular and plural)
Teef verb To steal
  noun A thief
Teeffing adjective Dishonest. Prone to theft.
The City noun Bridgetown
Tight adjective Good. Cool. Great.
Tilit noun A toilet, the entire bathroom
Tilit Bowl noun A toilet (including the tank)
Ting-a-merry noun A miscellaneous object.
Titten adjective Very Good. Excellent.
Topsie noun A bowl kept in a bedroom for use as a toilet.
Town noun Bridgetown
Two-Mouthed adjective Disloyal.
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